Albany Pickleball Club Winners – 2014 Rally In The Valley

The 3rd Annual Rally In The Valley has come and gone.  Our Albany Pickleball Club members took their share of medals.  Way to go everyone that medaled and competed.

Day 1 – Aug 1
Men’s Singles 3.5 Gold – Brady Hallock
MS3.5 Gold Brady
Men’s Singles 3.5 Silver – Lee Nordhagen
MS3.5 Lee Bronze

Men’s Singles 4.0 Silver – Brian Morey
MS4.0 Brian Silver

Women’s Doubles 3.0 Gold – JoNan LeRoy and Libby Bogard
WD 3.0 Jonan_Libby Gold

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Gold – Florence Allen and Joyce Torresdal
WD3.5 Flo_Joyce Gold

Day 2 – Aug 2
Men’s Doubles 3.0 Silver – Arlie Bell and Frank Peters
MD3.0 Arlie_Frank Silver

Men’s Doubles 3.0 Bronze – Brady King and Stephan Roberts
MD3.0 Brady_Stephan Bronze

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Gold – Brady Hallock and Ira Doran
MD3.5 Brady_Ira Gold

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Silver – Jim Morrison and Dick Leedy
MD3.5 Jim_Dick Silver

Men’s Doubles 4.0 Gold – Bob Anderson and Jim Schupp
MD4.0 Bob_Jim Gold

Men’s Doubles 4.5 Bronze – Shane Denning and Marty Butler
MD4.5 Shane Marty Bronze

Men’s Doubles 5.0 Silver – Curtis Campbell and Patrick Williams
MD5.0 Patrick_Curtis Silver

Women’s Singles 3.5 Gold – Suzanne Colby
WS3.5 Suzanne Gold

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Silver – Libby Bogard and Jim Hoggatt
MXD3.0 Libby_Jim Silver

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Silver – Dick Leedy and Florence Allen
MXD3.5 Dick_Flojo Silver

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Gold – Cami Schermerhorn and Mike Wales
MXD4.0 Mike_Cami Gold

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Silver – Brian Morey and Sherri Oslie
MXD4.0 Brian_Sherri Silver


2014 Oregon Senior Games – Medalists

Congrats to our Oregon Senior Games Medalists from the Albany Pickleball Club:

Men’s Doubles Age 60-64:  Craig Poole & Po Leung – Gold Medal

Women’s Doubles Age 65-69: CoraMay Johnson & Angie Morrison – Bronze Medal

Women’s Doubles Age 50-54:  Florence Allen & Joyce Torresdale – Silver Medal
2014_06_20 Flo_Joyce Silver

Mixed Doubles Age 70-74: CoraMay Johnson & Bob LeRoy – Silver Medal
2014_06_21_CoraMay_Bob Silver

And, celebration at the end of the tournament!
2014_06_21 OR Senior Games HH

Great turnout from Albany.  Way to go everyone.

Crunchy Dill Pickleball Tournament – Eugene, OR

We had 14 Albany Pickleball Players medal in the Crunchy Dill Pickleball Tournament held in Eugene, OR. June 7th & 8th.

Mens Doubles 3.0 GOLD                       Roger Harrison & Jim Hoggatt
Mens Doubles 3.0 BRONZE                  Harold Steward & Mike Criswell
Mens Doubles 3.5 BRONZE                  Grahm Trask & Silas Baffa
Mens Doubles 4.0 SILVER                     Bob Anderson & Roger Rosenthal
Mens Doubles 4.5/5.0 SILVER               Kurtis Campbell & Patrick Williams
Mixed Doubles 3.5 BRONZE                  Angie Morrison & Jim Morrison
Mixed Doubles 4.0 BRONZE                  Sherri Oslie & Brian Morey
Womens Doubles 3.5 SILVER                CoraMay Johnson & Angie Morrison
Womens Doubles 4.0 GOLD                  Ching-chia Ko & Sherrie Oslie
Womens Doubles 4.0 SILVER                Connie Anderson & Judy Rosenthal

Congratulations to all!!!  A great showing for our club.

2014 Timberhill Spring Fling – Results

Our Albany Pickleball Club had a great turnout for the Timberhill Spring Fling in Corvallis.  The tournament was well run and lots of fun.  Even better, our players posted some great results!  Way to go everyone!

Men’s Singles 3.0, 3.5 Bronze – Brady Hallock

Men’s Singles 4.0 Silver – Brian Morey

Men’s Doubles 2.5, 3.0 Gold – Harold Steward & Mike Criswell

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Gold – Mark Floyd & Jim Morrison

Bronze – Brady Hallock & Matthew DeFrancisco

Men’s Doubles 4.0 Silver – Brian Morey & Mike Wales

Men’s Doubles 5.0 Silver – Patrick Williams & Kurtis Campbell

Mixed Doubles 2.5, 3.0 Silver – Mike Reynolds & Anne Reynolds

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Silver – Jim Morrison & Angie Morrison

Women’s Singles 3.0, 3.5 Gold – Katie Gulemi  Silver – Louise Muscato

Women’s Singles 4.0, 4.5 Silver – Emily Williams

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Bronze – Angie Morrison & CoraMay Johnson

Women’s Doubles 4.0 Silver – Emily Williams & Louise Muscato

Bronze – Connie Anderson & Judy Rosenthal

2013 Winter Pickleball Play Schedule

The play schedule has been set for winter play at the Boys and Girls Club.
M/W/F: 9AM-Noon – New Gym
Sunday: 4-7 PM – Parks and Rec Open Gym at the New Gym  (P&R fee $3)

  • Beginning Oct 1 indoor play at the Boys and Girls Club will be the default and we can continue with outdoor play weather permitting.  So show up first at the B&GC.
  • Notification will be made when the Hackleman Park nets are taken down for the winter.  People wanting to play outdoors could simply make their own arrangements with other players.
  • For MWF 9-12 indoor play in the new building at the Boys & Girls Club, one of the Board members will enter the building and open up the courts and the storeroom with the equipment.  Everyone else should enter the door into the courts on the SE corner of the building, NOT the front doors. If the door is not ajar, knock loudly. Also, please wipe your feet dry before walking on the courts.  No charge at this time.
  • PLEASE SIGN UP IN ADVANCE ON THE DOODLE BOARD! This is especially important during the winter when we have fewer players. People need to know whether there will be enough players to warrant the trip.
  • Sunday Open Gym play will be in the New Gym.  Beginning on Oct. 13 from 4 – 7pm.  Cost will be $3 per session.  A punch card may be purchased that will bring the cost down to $2 per session.


Picklebarrel Classic 2013 Medalists

Congratulation to the Albany Pickleball Club medalists in the 2013 Picklebarrel Classic hosted by the Columbia River Pickleball Club in Vancouver, WA.  Another great turnout!!!

Men’s Doubles 3.5
– Gold:  John Morey – Bob LeRoy
– Bronze:  Lee Nordhagen – Mark Floyd

Men’s Doubles 4.0
– Silver:  Brian Morey – Ernie Castro
– Bronze: Roger Rosenthal – Bob Anderson

Men’s Doubles 4.5
– Silver:  Po Leung – James Schupp

Men’s Singles 3.0
– Silver:  Lee Nordhagen
– Bronze:  Bob LeRoy

Men’s Singles 4.0
– Bronze:  Brian Morey

Women’s Singles 3.0
– Gold:  Sherri Oslie

Women’s Singles 3.5
– Silver:  Suzanne Colby

Women’s Doubles 3.0
– Bronze:  CoraMay Johnson – Becky Cox

Women’s Doubles 3.5
Silver:   Sue Leung – Wendy Asano

Women’s Doubles 4.0
Gold:   Judy Rosenthal – Connie Anderson
Silver:  Sherri Oslie – Suzanne Colby

New Officers – September 2013 General Meeting

The Albany Pickleball Club had its September 2013  General Meeting.  Highlights:

Congratulations to our New Officers:
– Vice President – John Morey – 2 Year Term
– Secretary – Florence Allen – 2 year Term
– Finishing their 2 year terms: Dennis Dahlen President, JoNan LeRoy Treasurer

– 2103 Budget Passed
– Dues for 2013/14 – $20
– ByLaw amendments passed
– Remember Club Discount – For any purchase Club Members receive a 5% discount and 5% goes into a fund for the Club to make future purchases. See the Pickleball Central post
– Rally In The Valley will be August 1-3, 2014 (1st weekend in August). Swapped weekends with Bend.  Will be a better weekend for events in Albany and the school. Looking for someone to take on the Tournament Director role next year.
– Agreed to purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for club use next year.
– Agreed to make indoor play at the Boys and Girls Club the default and continue with outdoor play weather permitting.



Albany Pickleball Club Medalists – 2nd Annual Rally In The Valley

Members of the Albany Pickleball Club rallied to win medals at the 2nd Annaul Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament in Albany, OR.

Congrats to all the medalists and all those that competed in the tournament.

Men’s Singles:
Gold:  Eric Swander
MS_3.0_Gold_Eric Swander
Silver:  John Morey
MS_3.0_Silver_John Morey
3.5     Gold:  Brian Morey
MS_3.5_Gold_Brian Morey

Women’s Singles
Gold:  Suzann Colby
Silver:  Sherri Oslie
Bronze:  Joyce Torresdal

Men’s Doubles
Gold:  Brian Morey/John Morey
MD_3.5_3.0_Gold_John Morey_Brian Morey
Silver:   Lee Nordhagen/Bob LeRoy
MD_3.5_3.0_Bronze_Lee Nordhagen_Bob LeRoyBronze:  Larry Haima/Charlie Crouse
MD_3.5_3.0_Bronze_Charlie Crouse_Larry Haima

Bronze:  Bob Anderson/Roger RosenthalMD_4.0_Bronze_Bob Anderson_Roger Rosenthal2

Gold:  Patrick Williams/Craig Poole
Silver:  Po Leung/Vukman Soskic
MD_4.5_Poole_Williams_Leung_Soskic_Campbell and Campbell (NS)

Women’s Doubles
Gold:  Joyce Torresdal/Florence Allen
Silver: Diane Lane/CoraMay Johnson
Gold:  Sherri Oslie/Suzanne Colby
WD_3.5_Gold_Sherri Oslie_Suzanne Colby4.0
Silver:  Connie Anderson/Judy Rosenthal
WD_4.0_Silver_Connie Anderson_Judy Rosenthal
Mixed Doubles
Gold:  Tangi/John Morey
MXD_3.0_Gold_Tangie Garcia_John Morey
Silver: Jean Miller/Brian Joynt (Joynt Doc)
MXD_3.0_Bronze_Brian Joynt_Jean Miller

Gold:  Sherri Oslie/Brian Morey
Silver: Suzanne Colby/Lee Nordhagen
Gold:  Emily Willaims/Patrick WilliamsMXD_4.5_Gold_Emily Williams_Patrick WilliamsSilver:  Winsom Wong/Shane Denning
MXD_4.5_Silver_Winsom Wong_Shane Denning