Hackleman Court Renovation Phase 2

October 10, 2012 – we now have 4 permanent pickleball courts at Hackleman Park in Albany – well almost!

Phase 2 of renovating the old Hackleman tennis court into pickleball courts was completed on Oct 10, 2012.  There was 1 day of power washing, 1 day of patching and applying the black “resurfacer” over the worst areas to smooth out the court surface, 1 day of painting the courts and 1 day to line the courts.

Since the Fall rains are predicted to hit in a few days and we are moving inside to the Boys and Girls Club, we did not install the nets and posts.  That will be a quick spring 2013 project.

With the proceeds from our Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament, which included our generous donations, the city added $500 so we were able to finish the courts this year and essentially complete the renovation.  Overall, we could not be happier with the results and we will have a nice venue for pickleball play here in Albany.

We do have a few items left and hopefully we can fund these through tournament proceeds next year.   A few items:  cross fence with gates, repair some of the chain link fencing, provide a pickleball sign and possibly provide some spectator/player upgrades.  We are also working with the city to provide input for future pickleball courts in their master plan.

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